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Shortly releasing a book on the most beautiful Corbett National Park by a leading international publisher.

Forthcoming photo exhibition in Lucknow will be announced very soon.

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You can purchase high definition photo prints of Wild Life Shoot and Books available on famous online book stores.   ( want to buy... )

05% of the earnings from the sales (photographs/ books) are pledged for the cause of Indian Wildlife.

Famous news daily Times of India has published a calendar on Dr. Arora's Wildlife photos.

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Welcome to the world of Dr. Naveen Arora

There are very few places left on our planet where nature is preserved in its natural and original form and this is one of the great examples of that. This is the place where one feels to be in the lap of Mother Nature, relaxed and far from all the tensions and problems. This is a way to share some of my experiences with everyone and not only create interest amongst the readers but also transfer the love which I have experienced over the years with the beautiful wilds of northern India. At these jungles the environment is at its healing best and you feel rejuvenated as if from a perfect yoga or meditation session – Naveen Arora (Splendid Wilds…….. safari through Corbett).

Wild Life Shoot
Wild Life Shoot
Photography, media and books  have a specific role in revealing the critically important Wildlife Conservation issue.

Natural habitats are like national heritage and must be conserved for the future.
Research - Biotech,
Agriculture, Environment

Dr. Naveen Arora has great zeal for the research work in the field of environment and agriculture and the focus is to clean up the ecosystems and develop holistic, sustainable and ecofriendly technologies.
Dr. Naveen Arora's Publications
Dr Arora has more than 40 research papers published in premium International Journals, 04 books published and delivered lectures and talks at national and international conferences around the globe

Dr. Arora has done several Research Papers, Reviews, Articles, Books etc.